The FIRE Movement Was Inevitable

The world used to work differently.  It used to be that a young man or woman could sign on to a solid company and be assured of long-term employment.  Along with a job that would take them to retirement age, they had defined benefit plans (pensions) that provided for the years that came after retirement age.

This model, combined with government social security programs kept the boomer generation and their parents financially secure well into old age.  This worked all through the 1950’s, 60’s and even through the 70’s…

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Can Multi-Child Families Reach Financial Independence?

If you’re a parent (or a soon-to-be parent) and you’re interested in financial independence, you’ve probably noticed a certain demographic is missing from our little community — Lots of kids.

That’s right, children!  If you scour the rockstar finance directory you’ll find 1471 personal finance blogs (as of the time of this writing).   Of those blogs, you’ll find that the vast majority of them don’t have families…

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Investing Hacks: Should You Follow Insider Trades?

If you think about it, Financial independence is really just a life-hack.  A really cool life-hack.  It might even be the ultimate life-hack.

Life hacks, to put it simply, are popular.  Every blogger loves to write about them.  There’s been countless posts devoted to saving time, saving money, and making your life a little better.  And that’s fantastic because a few of them actually work!  

But not all of them…

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December 2017 Dividend Income And Expenses

December is the time of year for food, families, and fun.  Oh, and breaks from blogging too!  I decided to take the last two weeks of December “off” from blogging, and focus on family this year.  It was great to have a break from blogging and my regular stay-at-home-dad routine. 

Like last year, we stuck to our usual modus operandi — having a rock-socking fabulous time all-the-while keeping our spending low…

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2017 Year-End Net Worth Update

Happy New Year!  The year 2017 is now behind us, and it’s time once again for my annual net worth post!

Why don’t I report our net worth more frequently?

I honestly don’t think it ads a lot of value to readers — markets are extremely volatile by their very nature.  There’s always going to be big swings up and down due to market sentiment, not real business value.

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