Investing Ideas: June 2018

Yes, it’s time once again for a monthly “Investing Ideas” post!  In my continuing quest to find good places to invest excess cash, I’m always searching for interesting stocks, funds, REITs, ETFs, bonds and preferred shares to potentially buy.

Week after week, I’m hunting for good investment ideas.  I end-up passing on a lot of frogs that probably aren’t going to be princes…

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The Investor Disease

Do you have the investor disease?  It goes by the common name of Short-term-itis, and it’s catching.  This particular affliction only affects investors — especially new investors.  Young investors are highly susceptible to catching Short-term-itis.

While not a deadly disease, Short-term-itis can be hazardous to your financial health and long-term portfolio returns…

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How Much Does This Blog Make?

Side hustles are a great way for individuals to turn extra time into extra cash.  Sometimes these side hustles are serious business endeavors that earn significant money.  Other times they’re simply hobbies that begin to earn a little bit of cash on the side… almost by accident.

Blogging is one of those activities that can span the entire spectrum of ‘profitable side hustle’ to ‘hobby’…

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What Makes A Good Life?

The last couple of years I’ve thought a lot about life.  That’s the thing about achieving financial independence — once you no longer need to work there’s plenty of time to sit around and just think about life.

Sometimes those thoughts are a joyful appreciation of how wonderful life can be.  Other times I might daydreaming about how life would change if the stock market went into a deep correction and then stayed there for a decade…

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A Cash Flow Management Strategy For Financial Independence

Believe it or not, I’ve written this post a couple of times.  I’ve never published the previous versions because I’ve never been happy with how the post came across. Cash flow management is one of those topics that’s hard to put into words without sounding like some kind of arrogant know-it-all.

I honestly DON’T know-it-all and my cash flow management strategy is really based upon this fact.  That’s the honest truth…

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