Why I Don’t Drink

In Westernized cultures, the drinking of alcoholic beverages is widely accepted. In most social situations, it’s considered OK to drink. Nearly every social function you can think of is literally doused in alcohol.

In the United States alone, $197 billion dollars was spent on alcoholic beverages in 2012. That’s 9.4 billion gallons at an average price of $20.95 per gallon. Incredible! And expensive!

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How To Be A Dividend King

Getting a big dividend check has to be one of the best parts about investing. It’s certainly one of my favorites! Nothing makes me feel more like a King than when the dividend checks come rolling in.

While I haven’t done a specific post on dividends yet, today’s the day! People are usually amazed at the size of our dividend income when I report it every month. Last year our dividend income exceeded $100,000. That was a pretty great year.

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