6 Ways to Feel Better About Not Saving

Feeling a little blue? Maybe you woke up this morning and finally realized you won’t be a Fortune 500 CEO, inherit a fortune, or win a multi-million dollar lottery jackpot.

Face it — Finding a sudden large fortune just isn’t going to happen in this life. Your dreams of private plane trips to sun-drenched caribbean islands have been crushed into oblivion by the harsh reality of life.

Are those tears? Don’t cry! There’s still some hope…

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Will I Ever Go Back To Work?

It must happen to anyone who leaves the workforce for a significant length of time — You begin to ponder that big question: “Will I ever go back to work?”

For me, a year has passed since I collected that last paycheck. I’m a happier person for it. I’m less stressed than before, and I like my life a lot better. Now, I spend my days working on projects (like this blog) that really matter to me…

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