Does Costco Cost More? Costco Vs. Cash & Carry

Saving money on food is a huge part of saving for financial independence. For the average family in the United States, food counts for seven thousand dollars of annual spending. It’s the largest single spending category outside of housing and transportation.

Love it or hate it, buying in bulk saves money. Costco has been a champion on this front since the 1980’s…

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Making Nametake

It’s no secret that the Tako family loves a good meal. We routinely post pictures of our meals on this site — because I firmly believe you don’t have to sacrifice good living to reach financial independence! Our grocery spending usually amounts to a mere $500 per month.

For us, eating well is just part of living a good life. Over the past few years our diet has changed considerably…

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Reader Questions: Precious Metals

Today we’re kicking off a new series here at Mr. Tako Escapes. — Reader Questions. That’s right, I’m starting a series of posts dedicated to answering the most interesting reader questions sent my way!

Our first reader question comes from reader ‘Meg’ (not her real name), who’s recently suffered some pretty steep investing losses, and wants some advice. Reader Meg writes…

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How Much Global Diversification Do You Really Need?

Last week, I wrote a post about skipping the investing buffet. In that post, I argued that investors are better served by avoiding most of the “buffet” that is the investing world.

Unfortunately, many readers seemed to think I was advocating for the buying of individual stocks (I wasn’t!). I firmly believe the vast array of investing products available do absolutely nothing for small investors…

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Sticking With It: Cooking At Home

It’s completely understandable why families commonly rack up thousands of dollars per year in restaurant spending — It’s soo easy to trade that extra little bit of money to have someone else prepare and serve you food.

So how do families like mine go years without eating out? How do we stick with it year after year without fail? Don’t we get tired of cooking?

It’s simple really…

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Investing With Conviction

Investing returns tend to come in fits and starts. Some days your investments rise and you feel on top of the world. Other days the market falls and you feel poorer for it. It doesn’t matter what your favorite asset class is, returns are never smooth mathematical lines into financial infinity.

Mr. Market can act very irrational when he’s in the wrong mood. He can also maintain that irrationally for a very long time. How long is a long time? Potentially for decades…

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