The Keys To Wealth: 4 Investing Books That Changed My Life

Keys. Keys unlock doors and open gates. Keys give you access to different places in the world, from which you might otherwise be locked. Without those keys, there’s little hope of ever reaching those parts of the world.

Investing is kind of like a locked doorway… Behind some of those locked pathways are the roads to wealth and financial independence. Unlock the right doors and you can become an incredibly wealthy person…

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The Best Reason For Financial Independence

One of the more common criticisms I hear about Financial Independence is, “It’s not for everybody” and “Some people like to work”.

In a world dominated by the average Joe (or Jane) working a 9-to-5 job, the prospect of living a financially free life sounds like some kind of crazy fantasy world. They ask questions like, “What would I do with all that extra time? Don’t you get bored?”

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June 2017 Dividend Income And Expenses

In my opinion, summer is the best of the four seasons. Some people might love winter for its snow, spring for its flowers, or fall for the beautiful colors, but I absolutely love summer!

Food prices are cheap, and produce is fresh. Temperatures are great for grilling, and spending time outdoors without wearing multiple layers of protective clothing is suddenly a very real possibility…

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