Finding The Good Life

The good life. It’s a phrase that gets tossed around a lot. We all want to have a “good life”, but have you ever really thought about what it takes to live “the good life”?

Is “the good life” about traveling to sun soaked locations in private jets, eating lobster, and sipping drinks by the beach? If your tastes tend toward the simpler, perhaps “the good life” is a simple homestead in Alaska…

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Visiting Hawaii On The Cheap: Part 2 (Food)

Food in Hawaii is significantly more expensive than you’ll find on the ‘mainland’. If your idea of a vacation is going out to eat at a restaurant every night, your food bill is going to be astronomical. After a couple different trips to Hawaii over the years, I’ve realized that eating-like-a-king on the Islands doesn’t have to cost a fortune…

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