Good Food Is All In The Sauce

The last couple weeks have been pretty interesting here on good old planet Earth. My recent posts discussed about our plan for Healthcare after the ACA, and even Secular Stagnation and poor real GDP growth. Pretty serious stuff.

So I think it’s time I took things down a notch and stopped worrying about things I can’t control. Instead, I want to get back to this idea of leading an incredibly rich (and fulfilling) life on a minimal budget.

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Why I Don’t Drink

In Westernized cultures, the drinking of alcoholic beverages is widely accepted. In most social situations, it’s considered OK to drink. Nearly every social function you can think of is literally doused in alcohol.

In the United States alone, $197 billion dollars was spent on alcoholic beverages in 2012. That’s 9.4 billion gallons at an average price of $20.95 per gallon. Incredible! And expensive!

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