The Dark Side Of Share Buybacks

Share buybacks are popular right now… it seems like everybody is doing one.  If you’ve ever watched a business news channel, you’ve probably heard the talking heads blathering on about who just authorized a giant share buyback, and how much it’ll boost share prices.

In general, share buybacks are seen in a positive light by the financial media, and they often can be.  But there’s a dark side to buybacks that rarely gets talked about…

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Japan Trip Report — Part 6 (Spending & Saving)

As our trip draws to a close, our focus has shifted from “things we want to see” to “gathering items we want to bring home”.

We’re spending a lot more time shopping, and Japan has some of the best shopping in the world! From multi-story department stores that carry an incredible number of unique items, to specialty shops that focus on only one product category, Japan is a shoppers heaven…

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September 2017 Dividend Income And Expenses

September was another extremely busy month for the Tako family.  Not only were we trying to get everything done before our big trip to Japan, but I took on some additional guest post writing in September.

I wrote these guest posts completely for free, because I like the people and the blogs involved.  A little extra exposure for Mr. Tako Escapes never hurts either!

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Those Special Snowflakes

Are financial independence bloggers like Mr. 1500, Root Of Good, Jim Collins, Millennial Revolution, or Mr. Money Mustache special snowflakes?  Did they make millions with special investing abilities impossible for the average Joe down the street to replicate?  

Or, did they have super-high income jobs before they were famous bloggers?

The beauty of the whole financial independence movement is that they’re NOT special snowflakes…

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August 2017 Dividend Income And Expenses

Summer months are the fun months of the year — filled with traveling, birthday parties, water-fights, gardening, and beautiful warm weather.  That’s what our summer looks like at least… and August is our peak summer month.  It was a crazy busy month.

We had tons of fun, and it showed up in our expenses this August!  We spent a HUGE amount of money, but none of it was unexpected…

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