Those Special Snowflakes

Are financial independence bloggers like Mr. 1500, Root Of Good, Jim Collins, Millennial Revolution, or Mr. Money Mustache special snowflakes?  Did they make millions with special investing abilities impossible for the average Joe down the street to replicate?  

Or, did they have super-high income jobs before they were famous bloggers?

The beauty of the whole financial independence movement is that they’re NOT special snowflakes…

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August 2017 Dividend Income And Expenses

Summer months are the fun months of the year — filled with traveling, birthday parties, water-fights, gardening, and beautiful warm weather.  That’s what our summer looks like at least… and August is our peak summer month.  It was a crazy busy month.

We had tons of fun, and it showed up in our expenses this August!  We spent a HUGE amount of money, but none of it was unexpected…

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Why I Bought LUV

Have I completely lost my mind?  Despite writing a post back in February about why I won’t buy an airline, I went ahead and did it.  This month I purchased six hundred shares of Southwest Airlines with a little of our excess cash.

If you asked me 10 years ago if I’d ever make an investment in an airline, I would have told you “Hell no! I’m not stupid!”  Well, now I’m finally stupid enough to do it…

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The Future Isn’t What You Think It Is

After writing this blog for two years now (almost three!), I’ve begun to noticed something — A surprising number of my readers can predict the future.

This future-predicting ability is a lot like a disease — Once they amass a certain amount of intelligence and money they catch this disease.  It seems to be catching.  Apparently, incredible brain power allows for the predicting of the future, and all that amassed wealth is proof of this new super-human ability…

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Learning From Panics And Manias

It has been said that there is nothing new in the world of investing.  History is filled with interesting financial ‘events’ — from outright theft and wild speculation, to loose lending and direct government manipulation.  Markets really have seen it all.

Greed was frequently the main driver of this behavior, eventually leading to giant stock market bubbles and excessive commodity speculation…

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Auto Parts: A Potential Value, Or A Value Trap?

Retailers of all kinds are in the dumpster this year.  The hardest hit seem to be the big mall retailers like Sears, JCPenny, and Macy’s — their stock prices are down more than 48% in the last year.  Yikes!

I first wrote about the alleged demise of retail back in May when I asked the question “Is Retail Dead?” While I was fairly convinced that physical retail was going to be a lot smaller in the near future, I’m not one of those people that believes physical retail will completely die…

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Is Book Value Investing Still Relevant?

Back in the old days, book value was *the* measurement that value investors threw around to validate “margin of safety” when investing in stocks.

If you read the classic investing texts like Security Analysis or The Intelligent Investor, they advocate for the buying of stocks that sit well below book value.  This style of investing is sometimes called “cigar butt” investing, or “net-net” investing…

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