Should I Be Investing In Airlines?

You’ve probably heard that joke about airlines before: “How does one become a millionaire? You start out a billionaire, and then buy an airline.” This kind of humour was well deserved given airlines’ tragic history — constantly in bankruptcy and frequently losing money for investors.

That joke used to be all the advice an investor needed to know about airlines…until recently.

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Always Be Making Mistakes

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel like a giant failure? At times, life seems to be a giant pile of mistakes…one piled on top of another.

Today’s post is brought to you (in part) because of a mistake. Last week, my son came home from daycare with a serious look on his face. Normally he’s a happy goofy guy, but something was on his mind that day…

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The Weighing Machine

Besides being the father of value investing, Ben Graham is famous for creating a great number of powerful investing ideas. His tale of a deranged business partner named Mr. Market is a fantastic story frequently used to teach new investors about markets.

I’m a big fan of Graham, and I own several of his books. You’ll find his book “The Intelligent Investor” over on my book recommendations page. When it comes to investing, I believe Graham’s ideas really are that important.

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Will I Ever Go Back To Work?

It must happen to anyone who leaves the workforce for a significant length of time — You begin to ponder that big question: “Will I ever go back to work?”

For me, a year has passed since I collected that last paycheck. I’m a happier person for it. I’m less stressed than before, and I like my life a lot better. Now, I spend my days working on projects (like this blog) that really matter to me…

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