Is Growth Hurting Your Investing Returns?

In all biological systems, organisms compete for resources.  Whether that’s food, sunlight, space, reproduction, or even social position, organisms compete in some form or another.

Humans are no different.  We compete for food, jobs, beer, living space, tacos, energy, and even our investments… just like any biological system in nature.  Where things get a little different is how humans compete for these resources — we use money.

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Building A Dividend Snowball To Fund Your Early Retirement

It’s times like these when investor’s thoughts begin to turn to dividend snowballs.  No, not because it’s winter!  Snowstorms and frigid temperatures do come to mind, but I’m talking about the times when the bull market takes a nosedive.

Suddenly capital appreciation doesn’t seem like a “sure thing”, and dividends begin to matter again…

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The High Cost Of Eyesight

Do you wear eyeglasses?  Depending upon which statistics you believe, around 60 to 70 percent of the world’s population now needs some kind of corrective lenses due to poor eyesight.

It gets worse as we age too — The older we get, the more likely we are to need glasses.

This global phenomenon is a relatively new development — Back in the stone ages, poor eyesight was largely limited to the elderly.  Anybody who couldn’t see, tended to die-off pretty quickly…

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Going Completely To Cash

I admit that I’m a fan of unconventional ideas.  Whether it’s tiny houses, financial independence, no-car living, or any of the other unconventional lifestyles that have gained popularity in recent years, they all interest me.

To be clear — I’m not necessarily going to dive off the deep-end and fully commit to another alternative lifestyle, but I do like how these unconventional ideas make me think…

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The FIRE Movement Was Inevitable

The world used to work differently.  It used to be that a young man or woman could sign on to a solid company and be assured of long-term employment.  Along with a job that would take them to retirement age, they had defined benefit plans (pensions) that provided for the years that came after retirement age.

This model, combined with government social security programs kept the boomer generation and their parents financially secure well into old age.  This worked all through the 1950’s, 60’s and even through the 70’s…

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Can Multi-Child Families Reach Financial Independence?

If you’re a parent (or a soon-to-be parent) and you’re interested in financial independence, you’ve probably noticed a certain demographic is missing from our little community — Lots of kids.

That’s right, children!  If you scour the rockstar finance directory you’ll find 1471 personal finance blogs (as of the time of this writing).   Of those blogs, you’ll find that the vast majority of them don’t have families…

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