How Much Global Diversification Do You Really Need?

Last week, I wrote a post about skipping the investing buffet. In that post, I argued that investors are better served by avoiding most of the “buffet” that is the investing world.

Unfortunately, many readers seemed to think I was advocating for the buying of individual stocks (I wasn’t!). I firmly believe the vast array of investing products available do absolutely nothing for small investors…

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Sticking With It: Cooking At Home

It’s completely understandable why families commonly rack up thousands of dollars per year in restaurant spending — It’s soo easy to trade that extra little bit of money to have someone else prepare and serve you food.

So how do families like mine go years without eating out? How do we stick with it year after year without fail? Don’t we get tired of cooking?

It’s simple really…

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Investing With Conviction

Investing returns tend to come in fits and starts. Some days your investments rise and you feel on top of the world. Other days the market falls and you feel poorer for it. It doesn’t matter what your favorite asset class is, returns are never smooth mathematical lines into financial infinity.

Mr. Market can act very irrational when he’s in the wrong mood. He can also maintain that irrationally for a very long time. How long is a long time? Potentially for decades…

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Road Trip Report (Memorial Day Weekend 2017)

This post is about our family road trip during the holiday weekend. I haven’t actually posted any of our family adventures in a long time (sorry!), so it’s time I finally amended that!

For all you folks looking for posts about investing, stocks, and all things money … this is not one of those posts. Check-out my posts on investing if that’s what you’re looking for. I may have had several reasonably intelligent thoughts about investing…

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Profitability Doesn’t Matter?

The stock market loves growth. The faster a company grows, the larger its market valuation. The investing world is literally in love with growth stocks.

When Forbes writes articles about how a mere $5,000 investment in Amazon is now worth $2.4 million, it makes even the most rational value investor wonder if they’re missing out on the wonderful returns that growth stocks provide. In Amazon’s case, a ridiculous 49,000% return…

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Finding The Good Life

The good life. It’s a phrase that gets tossed around a lot. We all want to have a “good life”, but have you ever really thought about what it takes to live “the good life”?

Is “the good life” about traveling to sun soaked locations in private jets, eating lobster, and sipping drinks by the beach? If your tastes tend toward the simpler, perhaps “the good life” is a simple homestead in Alaska…

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Investing In Avocado Toast

When the stock market has a bad day, (like it did this Wednesday) do you feel bad about losing money? When the economy goes into recession and markets drop day-after-day, do you feel yourself getting depressed?

“Oh no! All that hard work, down the tubes! Years of savings destroyed by the uncaring stock market!”

This fear is what keeps people from investing, and actually achieving financial independence…

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