Good Food Is All In The Sauce

The last couple weeks have been pretty interesting here on good old planet Earth. My recent posts discussed about our plan for Healthcare after the ACA, and even Secular Stagnation and poor real GDP growth. Pretty serious stuff.

So I think it’s time I took things down a notch and stopped worrying about things I can’t control. Instead, I want to get back to this idea of leading an incredibly rich (and fulfilling) life on a minimal budget.

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Elections, Secular Stagnation, And Why You Should Care!

Tonight, on the eve of the U.S. presidential election, much of the United States is going to be glued to a TV, computer, or mobile screen watching the voting results get counted.

I equate the election media frenzy to watching paint dry — Boring as hell!

Instead, let’s talk about an issue that’s really important! An issue that could have a significant effect on how everyone needs to be planning for retirement.

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Early Retirement: One Year Later (An Honest Assessment)

When writing a blog post, I don’t like to sugar coat the shit.

I prefer to display the honest reality of financial independence, including the all rough bits! Sure, I could probably have a bigger blog audience if I focused only on the roses. But that isn’t my goal.

I believe my readers want to hear the balanced story of early retirement…both the shit and the roses alike.

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Five (Nearly) Free Halloween Costume Ideas

Mrs. Tako and I recently took a trip to our local Costco to stock up on household goods. We make a Costco run a couple times a month, depending upon what’s needed.

The store had Halloween costumes on display and decorations out for sale. Our kids (of course) are terribly interested in all this Halloween stuff…so I was practically required to pilot the shopping cart down the Halloween aisle for a look at all of it.

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When Is The Best Time To Quit Working?

So you’re finally getting close to financial independence. You’ve worked hard, you’ve saved, and you’ve invested as much as possible. Instead of worrying about debt, you now worry about return on investment.

Perhaps your net-worth has broken one million dollars. You’re starting to feel pretty wealthy, and thoughts of saying sayonara to that 50 hour a week job might be on your mind…

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