The Power Of A Phone Call

Haggling. It’s a word that conjures up exotic imagery of wet markets and distant locations around the globe….you know, the kind of thing you expect to do on vacation.

Unless you’re shopping for a car, or traveling overseas, “haggling” just isn’t a word that comes up frequently in the “first world”. Most people walk into a store, restaurant, or other place of business, and assume that prices are just fixed…

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Investing in…Kids?

Conventional wisdom tells us that kids are expensive. Really expensive. The world constantly bombards us with stories about just how much kids can cost — According to the USDA it costs $245,340 to raise the average child to age 18.

The personal finance community generally takes a negative view of huge expenses like this… a gigantic speed-bump on your way to Financial Independence. Nope, kids don’t get a lot of love from the personal finance community…

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February 2017 Dividend Income And Expenses

Is winter over yet? I’m SO ready for Winter to be over…but sadly spring is still a long ways off in the Pacific Northwest.

Technically spring is supposed to start in April, along with the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Unfortunately, Old-man winter always takes a lot of convincing to leave.

In my mind, spring really doesn’t get started until May around here. Usually the snow and freezing rain have stopped by then…

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