Everything You Know About Personal Finance Is Probably Wrong

How did you learn about personal finance?  When you were a teenager did someone sit you down and explain the financial “facts of life” to you?

You probably didn’t get a formal financial education — Most people don’t.  Maybe you picked up a number of personal finance lessons from your parents or relatives.  Or, perhaps you didn’t have good role models early-on in life and had to learn the ropes on your own.  The school of hard-knocks as it were…

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Learning From Panics And Manias

Even though the future hasn’t been written, smart investors are wise to learn from the mistakes of the past.  Not only because history is going to repeat itself, but because human behavior really hasn’t changed since the stone-age.

True investing wisdom is pretty much timeless knowledge.  It doesn’t matter what new investing fad comes along — the same principles that led to safe investing hundreds of years ago, still hold true today…

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Embracing Your Inner Weirdo

Are you a weirdo?  Take one look around the Financial Independence community and you’ll find a whole bunch of weird-assed people.  Weirdos of nearly every shape and flavor.

It make sense of course — anyone who’s interested in ditching the status quo to live a life of financial independence might also be attracted to …  er… let’s call them ‘unique’ lifestyle choices.  For such individuals, conforming to “social norms” is probably lower on the list of life’s priorities…

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Would You Invest In A Dying Industry?

Last week I shared my April Investing Ideas, and the post primarily focused on fallen angels — once great companies that have “fallen” from grace.

As usual, my “ideas” posts always generate a bunch of comments.  Some people agree, and other people disagree, but I always like to read the feedback. This “fallen angel” theme generated some additional questions…

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Curating Filters To Become A Better Investor

When it comes to investing, making good decisions consistently is hard.  Emotion often gets in the way.  It’s not that emotion is a bad thing, but when it comes to investing, emotion hurts more than it helps.

It’s easy to be swayed by the negative sentiment around one investment, only to be overly persuaded by the positive sentiment surrounding yet another.  So how do we free ourselves from this emotional rollercoaster?

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Investing Ideas: April 2018

Need some investing ideas?  Then this is the post for you!  In this continuing series of posts, I share the investing ideas I’ve been researching each month.

The general consensus is that stock market is expensive right now, but I contend that if investors look in lesser known or “avoided” corners of the market there are still a few bargains to be found.

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