The $10 Million Dollar Question

Last week I was shaking my metaphorical fist at judgy relatives, and expressing my frustration about the consumerist culture here in the States.  It’s hard for people to believe that we actually choose frugality, rather than having it forced on us.  Despite our financial independence and growing portfolio we see little need to increase our spending.

Not everybody believes us though…

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Holidays And Relatives

Happy Holidays!  It’s a big holiday weekend in the United States, and the biggest shopping weekend of the year.  If you’re the sort of person who reads financial independence blogs (instead of shopping), you’re probably hanging-out at home with family.

The holidays are the time of year when families gets together.  Mostly to do a lot of eating, and plenty of talking.  Our family is no exception.  We eat.  We talk.  We play a few board games. We eat some more…

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The Dark Side Of Share Buybacks

Share buybacks are popular right now… it seems like everybody is doing one.  If you’ve ever watched a business news channel, you’ve probably heard the talking heads blathering on about who just authorized a giant share buyback, and how much it’ll boost share prices.

In general, share buybacks are seen in a positive light by the financial media, and they often can be.  But there’s a dark side to buybacks that rarely gets talked about…

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