10 Great Investing Blogs To Read

This time of year it seems to get progressively harder and harder to sit down and write a blog post.  Firstly, there’s the holiday’s vying for my time — Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are the primary offenders.  There’s also parties, celebrations, and family gatherings that fill-up the days surrounding the holidays too!  Certainly no time for writing then!

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Waiting for Patience

Patience is a theme I often write about here on this blog… mainly because I tend to write a lot about investing.  As we all know, investing is one of those activities in life that requires large amounts of patience in order to be really successful at it.

Here’s the thing though — I’m not an inherently patient person.  Patience does not come to me naturally.  I’m actually pretty bad at waiting for things in general…

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Mr. Octopus Gets A New Car

There’s a popular saying about cars… One that reaches a level of truth that bares repeating here.

“Once you go hatchback, you never go back.”

I certainly tried for 13 years to drive a small sedan.  I tried.  I really did!  But the siren son of ‘the hatch’ and those acres of storage space eventually called to me in a deeply practical way.  Yep, it’s true!  I finally bought a new car!

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Here’s To The Terrible Bosses

For the average Joe or Jane, working a 9 to 5 job can be a real drag… because the reality isn’t 9am to 5pm anymore.  Most people I know put in at least 10 hour days now.  They get-up around 6 or 7am, and then commute for at least half an hour (and some even more than an hour) to work.  They don’t usually leave work until 5:30 or 6pm either.  It’s pretty normal for the average person to put in a 10 hour day these days…

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The Onus Of Control

Imagine for a moment, you walk into a room filled with money nerds.  All eyes in the room are on you, because you’re giving a presentation on personal finance.  With sweaty palms you step up the podium and do a quick mike-check:

“One million.  Two million.  Three million.  Can everyone hear me OK?”

Those pleasantries completed, you begin with your opening line…

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October 2019 Expenses And Dividend Income

Wow!  Another month is gone already?  Holy-heck did October ever fly by fast!  I was pretty productive this October, mainly due to the kids being back in school/daycare.  With the kids away, I can generally get a good 24 hours per week to work on various projects around the house…

Which is exactly what I did for most of the month of October!  I was so busy trying to get all my outdoor projects done before our ”monsoon season” started, that I even missed International Octopus Day…

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Trading Sardines And The Hubris Of Investing Success

What’s that?  Another new all-time high?  Lately, investors have been cheering plenty of new all-time stock market highs. With the S&P 500 rising 22% year-to-date, they would seem to have plenty to cheer about.  It’s been a very good year for stock investors.

In fact, the last decade has seen nothing but new highs every few months.  Regular as clockwork.  It’s hard NOT to feel good about the returns…

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