October 2022 Dividend Income And Expenses

Wow, this post is nearly a month late!  While you readers have been patiently waiting for the next blog post, I’ve been goofing-off and taking a vacation instead of writing!  Oops!  That’s what happens when you become financially independent I guess!

This October, the Tako family decided to take advantage of our proximity to California, and take a 4-day road trip…

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Strategies For Investing During A Recession

There’s a urban legend in investing that goes something like this: “Stocks keep moving up and to the right forever!  Just keep putting money into the market and it will make you rich.”

That may have been true over the past decade, but 2022 has been a very difficult year for investors.  Stock prices don’t always keep climbing…

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House Shopping Sucks!

As frequent readers of this blog know, the Tako family is currently in the market for a new home.  This summer we sold our house in Washington state, and moved south to Arizona.  Currently, we’re renting a temporary house, and it’s a pretty small place.

Over half of our “stuff” is still in storage, and we’re sitting on a small mountain of cash that we plan to use to buy a home…

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July 2022 Dividend Income And Expenses

After the long drive from Washington to Arizona, we started settling into our new home in July.  We’ve been here a little over 1 month!  The kids have now started school, and Mrs. Tako and I are starting to house hunt.  Overall, our move didn’t go very smoothly.  That said, I ‘m not going to hide any of the ugly stuff from you guys…

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Is Geo-Arbitrage A Financial Fairy Tale?

When people talk about geo-arbitrage, they often tout the amazing advantages of moving from a high-cost location to a lower cost region.  It’s all double rainbows, unicorn farts, and ice cream sundaes when you read about geo-arbitrage on the internet.

I wish the real world worked that smoothly.  You don’t often read about the high cost of moving and all the little financial snags that happen along the way…

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April 2022 Dividend Income And Expenses

First off, I need to apologize for the lateness of this post — it’s already mid-May!  Sorry folks!  I’m running *a little* behind schedule on the blog these days.  Let’s just say I’ve been a little distracted by this whole moving process.  Not only am I doing a ton of work fixing up the house, but I’m also packing up everything and putting it into boxes…

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