10 Great Investing Blogs To Read

This time of year it seems to get progressively harder and harder to sit down and write a blog post.  Firstly, there’s the holiday’s vying for my time — Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are the primary offenders.  There’s also parties, celebrations, and family gatherings that fill-up the days surrounding the holidays too!  Certainly no time for writing then!

The kids also get off school for a big chunk of November and December…. which means I’m doing my Stay-At-Home-Dad thing a lot more often (instead of blogging).  A bunch of would-be school days are also “half days” when the kids get out of school early.  Half-days are extremely short school days!  Only three hours of school per day!

Frankly, it’s been impossible to keep my usual posting schedule this year — Primarily due to a lack of time, NOT a lack of enthusiasm about investing, money, or Financial Independence!

Sadly, I also missed writing the November edition of my Investing Ideas series.  I try to write one of my investing ideas posts every month, but just couldn’t swing it in November.  Sorry folks!

Rather than forcing you to suffer through another month without any new investing ideas, I thought I’d take the time to share my favorite investing blogs that feature great investing ideas.

I get a ton of great ideas from these blogs!

While most investing blogs only talk about investing philosophy, I tend to enjoy the blogs that showcase actual investing ideas.  Not that I don’t enjoy a little philosophy (I do), but I already have plenty of exposure from reading my favorite investing books, or my Fall/Winter Reading ListGood ideas are much harder to come by.

Which is why I enjoy reading a good investing blog.  In my mind, a good investing blog is one that shares actual investing ideas, business analysis, as well as valuation methodologies.  Finding blogs like this is harder than you might think — I’ve been curating my list of investing blogs for years!

So, without further ado, I give you…


10 Great Investing Blogs To Read This Holiday Season

1. Saber Capital Management – Saber Capital Management is actually a hedge fund run by John Huber.  His blog used to be called “Base-Hit Investing”, but he’s changed the name over the years and moved the content over to the Saber Capital Management blog.  Very Buffett-esque investing style, and definitely worth reading!

2.  Focused Compounding – These guys use to write a regular blog and newsletter, but recently they’ve taken it private.  If you’re willing to pay to become a member you can still access that content.  As far as free content goes, they still send out the occasional newsletter and regularly post a freely available investing podcast (that’s quite good too).  Focused Compounding mostly focuses on small investing ideas that the average investor might ignore.

3Odd Ball Stocks – While the Oddball stocks blog doesn’t post as often as it used to, there’s still the occasional new blog post that keeps me recommending this blog.  They tend to focus on small companies that fly under the radar.  Stuff you’ve never heard of in most cases.  They also spend a fair amount of time trying to value these companies, which is highly educational.

4.  Dividend Growth Investor – Dividend Growth Investor is something of a “blogging buddy” of mine.  In fact, I’ve even written a guest post for his site.  Posts are primarily focused on companies that are able to continuously grow dividends over time and reward shareholders through a buy and hold approach.  Most of the ideas are larger “classic” companies you’ve probably heard of before — but make no mistake, many of these are also great investing ideas!

5.  OTC Adventures – OTC Adventures is an interesting blog because they focus primarily on OTC investments.  That’s, Over The Counter stocks which are not traded on the NY stock exchange or the Nasdaq.  These companies are traded in what’s called “The Pink Sheets” made up of a broker/dealer network.  While many people avoid OTC stocks because they’re not nearly as liquid as exchange traded stocks, OTC Adventures embraces this genre of investment and regularly showcases some gems you’ve never heard of before!

6.  Money Is Boring – While Rupert Hargreeve’s blog might be called “Money is Boring”, his writing is anything BUT boring.  While he does tend to write a lot more of the “philosophical”-type investing prose, he does showcase the occasional stock case study… which can be quite educational.  Lots of Buffett, Munger, and Klarman quotes and strategy articles.

7.  Clark Street Value – Clark Street Value is a individual investor’s blog that specializes in “special situations”.  He focuses on mergers, spin-offs, and the like.  While not much is publicly known about the blogger, he has some incredibly well written case studies that I think any investor can learn from!

8.  The Science of Hitting – While not technically a blog, The Science of Hitting is an author that writes for the GuruFocus website.  I like his stuff.  He focuses mainly on business fundamentals and investment opportunities more than “what’s the market doing right now” kind of analysis.  Interesting writing, and I pull the occasional good idea from the posts.

9.  Musings On Markets – Aswath Damodaran writes the “Musings on Markets” blog, and he’s also a Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business.  His posts tend to focus more on the stock market itself rather than individual case studies.  Lots of graphs and analysis, as well as well thought-out valuation methods (whether you agree with how he does it or not is a whole other story!).  A very thought provoking blog!

10.  Howard Marks Memos – While this one is also not technically a blog, Howard Mark writes his memos fairly regularly.  Around 3 or 4 new memos appear each year.   Mark’s memo’s tend to focus on the markets as a whole and how skillful investors might navigate those turbulent waters.  Lots of really intelligent analysis here from one of the best “alternative” investors in the world.  He’s one of the few billionaires in the world that actually writes about investing instead of talking about it on CNBC.  Definitely worth your time to read if you aren’t already.


Bonus Round!

What’s that?  Ten really awesome investing blogs isn’t enough for you?!  You need even more?  Time for the Bonus Round!

A Wealth Of Common Sense – Ben Carleson is the CFA that writes this blog, and while he doesn’t focus on detailed analysis, he does write some pretty good stuff about investing.  I’ve learned a thing or two from reading this blog, which means it definitely merits inclusion into the Bonus Round.

Collaborative Fund Blog  – The Collaborate Fund Blog is written by Morgan Housel, a former writer for the Wall Street Journal and The Motley Fool website.  He’s a very accomplished writer!  While his blog posts tend to lean more toward the “philosophical” side of investing, they’re so well written and insightful I think the blog is worth including here.


That’s All For Now!

Alright, enough already!  Those blogs should make for plenty of reading material to keep you busy during the holiday season!  I really hope you learn something interesting from reading all of those amazing investing blogs!

If you happen to know other really great investing blogs that I haven’t mentioned here, please feel free to name-drop them in the comments! I’m always looking forward to reading new blogs and learning from others!


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4 thoughts on “10 Great Investing Blogs To Read

  • December 4, 2019 at 6:31 PM

    Great list Mr. Tako. Few of the ones you mentioned, I was already following, looks like now i have more to add to my collection 🙂

  • December 5, 2019 at 11:46 AM

    Great list, gotta check out a few that I am not familiar with. 🙂

  • December 5, 2019 at 1:04 PM

    While I wouldn’t call it a blog, I really like using Seeking Alpha. I have a portfolio listed of stocks I own and stocks I want to watch, and it show how they did today and lists articles by various writers on each stock. Also, it offers an app.

  • December 5, 2019 at 3:52 PM

    I do follow a few a these…will have to check out the others. Also of interest is The Intelligent Investor podcast; it covers smaller stocks usually with some overlap of the kind you find on Oddball Stocks and OTC Adventures.


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