Essential Skills For Early Retirement: Self Motivation

Have you ever read a job description that describes a perfect candidate as, “A self-motivated go-getter with a can-do attitude…” (Or something to that effect)?

I bet you have. The phrase is so ridiculously common that it can be found on every single job description in the world (if my quick informal survey is to be trusted).

I’m sure every single one of those jobs wants that mythical unicorn “go-getter”, but most of those “go-getters” are only motivated to do well at work…

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Essential Skills For Early Retirement: A Thick Skin

In this multi-part series we’re looking at Essential Skills for Early Retirement. The focus of this series is what happens after Financial Independence, and what are the skills are needed for a successful early retirement.

This time around, I’m going to discuss the not-so-pretty side of retirement, and why every early retiree needs to develop a thick skin. The thicker the better…

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December 2017 Mr. Tako’s Best Investing Posts Of 2017 Let Your Best Investments Run Debt By A Thousand Cuts: Holiday

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June 2019 May 2019 Dividend Income And Expenses Investing Ideas: June 2019   May 2019 The Failure of Specialization And

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The Failure of Specialization And the Rise Of Financially Independent Generalists

Do you consider yourself a specialist or a generalist?  It’s not a question you normally hear people asking themselves.  Most people choose a specialization during college, and try to find work in that specialized field with the hope of earning a good living (and decent retirement).

In general, specialization is a good strategy.  Specialized jobs typically pay more than being a generalist, and the payoffs for greater experience in specialized fields makes it worth it to pursue very specialized skills…

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Throw Negative Nancy On The Fire

On your journey to financial independence, someone is inevitably going to find out you’re not exactly doing things “the normal way”.  Maybe your friends and family find out.  Or, perhaps a neighbor or co-worker.  Heck, maybe you even start a blog where you tell the world your whole financial story…

Without fail, somebody somewhere is going to throw some shade your way.  Shade — meaning negativity, criticism, or hatred…

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Who To Trust When Investing

Like it or not, we live in a modern hyperconnected world.  Always on, always connected.  24/7.  The average consumer is constantly told what to eat, how to live, and where to invest.  It’s no wonder that “fake news” is now a thing.

We try to tell ourselves “Hey, I’m a free thinker.  I not influenced by the media!”  But it’s far more likely we’re simply influenced by the most convincing voices around us…

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