July 2022 Dividend Income And Expenses

After the long drive from Washington to Arizona, we started settling into our new home in July.  We’ve been here a little over 1 month!  The kids have now started school, and Mrs. Tako and I are starting to house hunt.  Overall, our move didn’t go very smoothly.  That said, I ‘m not going to hide any of the ugly stuff from you guys…

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April 2022 Dividend Income And Expenses

First off, I need to apologize for the lateness of this post — it’s already mid-May!  Sorry folks!  I’m running *a little* behind schedule on the blog these days.  Let’s just say I’ve been a little distracted by this whole moving process.  Not only am I doing a ton of work fixing up the house, but I’m also packing up everything and putting it into boxes…

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March 2022 Dividend Income And Expenses

Wow!  Has it been a month already since I last posted an update?  Don’t worry, this blog isn’t dead!  I’ve just been super busy!  While it might seem like nothing is happening on the surface, behind the scenes I’ve been working like an absolute madman these last few weeks.

As I mentioned in a prior post, we’re moving this summer, and I’m doing my best to fix up our home for an eventual sale…

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February 2022 Dividend Income And Expenses

It’s been tough to blog these last couple of weeks — Not only am I doing a TON of DIY home improvement work, but it also seems a bit crass to be writing about personal finance when there’s a war going on.  It’s a financial disaster of epic proportions for those affected. 

People’s homes, jobs, and businesses are already lost.  Assets are being destroyed every day.  It’s a truly rough hand to be dealt, and many families might never recover what they’ve lost…

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