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December 2016

How Do You Do New Years?

Keeping Up With Normal

Christmas, Blog Anniversaries, And Dealing With Life

Looking At: Chicago Bridge & Iron

Finding Purpose After Wealth Accumulation

Give Yourself The Gift of Wealth

November 2016 Dividend Income And Expenses

The Side Table Project


November 2016

Investing With Your Significant Other

Sipping Lightly From The Bottle of Comfort

Stop The Turkey Stuffing

Where To Find Free Wood

Good Food Is All In The Sauce

Adapting To Healthcare Changes

Elections, Secular Stagnation, And Why You Should Care!

October 2016 Dividend Income And Expenses

Early Retirement: One Year Later (An Honest Assessment)


October 2016

Five (Nearly) Free Halloween Costume Ideas

Eggs, Tofu, And Beans! Oh My!

When Is The Best Time To Quit Working?

The Sick Day Advantage

How To Overcome Frugal Fatigue

When Life Gives You Pumpkins…

Knowing When To Sell

September 2016 Dividend Income And Expenses


September 2016

Dealing With Investment Anxiety

The Secret Life of Stocks

What’s Your Financial Superpower?

Where Does Your Money Come From?

Pho The Win!

Reader Case Study: Mr. Pickle

Phoning It In 2016

August 2016 Dividend Income And Expenses

Why I Don’t Drink


August 2016

DIY Your Life

How To Become A Dividend King

Ode To My Chest Freezer

Limited Time Offer

Financial Differentiators

A Tale Of Two Savers

July 2016 Dividend Income And Expenses

Brought To You By the Letter ‘V’

Where To Find More Time


July 2016

A Silent Killer

Keep Cool This Summer With: A Slow-Cooker

Post Financial Independence Goals

The Evils Of Flavored Water

Compounding Go!!!

Is The Market Overvalued?

June 2016 Dividend Income And Expenses

The Arrogance Of Wealth

Is One Million Dollars Enough?


June 2016

Not Investing In The ‘Brexit’

The Road After FI: Post FIRE Occupations

What Would You Do With A Sudden Windfall?

The High Cost Of Mobile Phone Plans

Reader Case Study: Mr. Cricket

Giving New Life To Old Things

May 2016 Dividend Income And Expenses


May 2016

How To Get Rich With: Fancy Sushi Dinners

Grilling Season And A Squidix Update

Never Pay Retail

Games Millionaires Play

Avoiding The Housing Trap

Two Sides Of The Investing Coin

Building Wealth With Your Asian Grocery Store

Tools For Temptation

April 2016 Dividend Income And Expenses


April 2016

Lawsuit Update And The Shop Table

Small Successes On The Road

The Clothes For Financial Independence

Getting Sued and Mental Age

The Road To FI

March 2016 Dividend Income And Expenses

Visiting Hawaii On The Cheap: Part 3 (Activities)

Visiting Hawaii On The Cheap: Part 2 (Food)

Visiting Hawaii On The Cheap: Part 1 (Lodging)


March 2016

Packing For The Hawaii Trip

Why Physical Real Estate Isn’t For Me

Hard Facts About Mortality And Retirement

The One About Tools

The First Big Windstorm of 2016

One Big Company: Why We Like The 3% Rule

It’s Tax Time

February 2016 Dividend Income And Expenses

Snacking Your Way To Millions


February 2016

Financial Independence Failure

Beef…It’s Not For Dinner

What I Do All Day

The Best Money Advice

The Myth Of The Expensive Child

Roasting Your Own – For Big Savings

January 2016 Dividend Income And Expenses

Investing in Preferred Shares FTW


January 2016

My 2-Minute Early Retirement Job

The Old, Imperfect, and Out-Of-Style

Get Rich By Eating Fancy Seafood Dinners

Mr. Market’s Hangover

Rise Up! Escape From Wage Slavery

The Value Of More For Less

Holy Tentacles! 2015 Dividend Income

2015 Year-End Net Worth Update


Mr. Tako Escapes