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December 2019

Story Stocks And When To Buy Them

Izakaya Cucumbers

November 2019 Expenses And Dividend Income

10 Great Investing Blogs To Read


November 2019

Waiting for Patience

Mr. Octopus Gets A New Car

Here’s To The Terrible Bosses

The Onus Of Control

October 2019 Expenses And Dividend Income

Trading Sardines And The Hubris Of Investing Success


October 2019

Fall Projects And Life Updates

My Top 10 Biggest Financial Blunders

Investing Ideas: October 2019

Rethinking Old Expenses (The Phone-less Experiment)

The Richest Person In The Graveyard

How Often Do You Check?

The Strength To Hold

September 2019 Expenses And Dividend Income

The Paradox Of Thrift And The Wonders Of Consumption

September 2019

Should I Go Public?

What’s On My Reading List?

The Lifecycle Of An Investment

Investing Ideas: September 2019

The Impossible Food Budget

Will You Survive The Passive Investing Bubble?

August 2019 Expenses And Dividend Income

Building Greater Wealth Through Experimentation!

August 2019

Can A Personal Finance Blog Teach You To Be Rich?

July 2019 Expenses And Dividend Income

Still On Vacation!

Surprise! We’re on Vacation!


July 2019

Investing Ideas: July 2019

Worth Millions And Still Not Feeling Wealthy?

The Craft Of Investing & Book Giveaway!

June 2019 Dividend Income And Expenses

June 2019

The Wonderful World Of Depreciation

Dialing Back For Summer

The Lost Art Of The Siesta

Five Reasons Why The Stock Market Is A Really Weird Place To Invest

The Seas Of Change

How Much Does This Blog Make (2019)?

May 2019 Dividend Income And Expenses

Investing Ideas: June 2019


May 2019

The Failure of Specialization And the Rise Of Financially Independent Generalists

Is Early Retirement Boring?

I Survived! One Week Of Solo Parenting…

Single Parent Tango

The Top 10 Best Money Movies Ever Made

April 2019 Dividend Income And Expenses

Reader Case Study: Mrs. Prickly Pear


April 2019

Should I Be Investing In Master Limited Partnerships?

Avoiding The Stink Of High Yield – How Much Is Too Much?

Raising Financially Independent Kids Is Serious Business

How To Make Japanese-style Mabo Tofu

Spring Breaking-It

Wealth Is All In Your Head

March 2019 Dividend Income And Expenses


March 2019

Why Don’t We Travel More?

Defensive Stocks: A Investing Strategy For Mr. Market’s Bad Mood

How To Prepare For The Next Recession

The Obvious Mistakes

Reader Question: Don’t You Ever Splurge?

Low Beta Investing: The Anomaly of Lower Risk And Greater Returns

Is The Internet Causing The World To Become More Faddish?

February 2019 Dividend Income And Expenses

Lessons On Investing: Kraft-Heinz


February 2019

Not So Hardcore…

Avoiding The Dunning–Kruger Effect

Our Geoarbitrage Plan To Lower Annual Living Expenses

The Game Of Investing

Are Stock Buyback Plans A Waste Of Money?

January 2019 Dividend Income And Expenses

Snow Days And The Financially Independent…

Lessons On Investing From Apple Inc.

January 2019

Am I A Smart Home Luddite?

Mastering The Hidden Taxes

A Better Long-Term Wealth Builder

Growing Dividends In 2019

Throw Negative Nancy On The Fire

Who To Trust When Investing

2018 Year-End Net Worth Update

December 2018 Dividend Income And Expenses

When The Stock Store Closes

Mr. Tako Escapes