Early Retirement: One Year Later (An Honest Assessment)

When writing a blog post, I don’t like to sugar coat the shit.

I prefer to display the honest reality of financial independence, including the all rough bits! Sure, I could probably have a bigger blog audience if I focused only on the roses. But that isn’t my goal.

I believe my readers want to hear the balanced story of early retirement…both the shit and the roses alike.

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Five (Nearly) Free Halloween Costume Ideas

Mrs. Tako and I recently took a trip to our local Costco to stock up on household goods. We make a Costco run a couple times a month, depending upon what’s needed.

The store had Halloween costumes on display and decorations out for sale. Our kids (of course) are terribly interested in all this Halloween stuff…so I was practically required to pilot the shopping cart down the Halloween aisle for a look at all of it.

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Giving New Life To Old Things

The rapid pace of technology advancement leaves a lot of waste in its path. What’s considered “old” today was once the modern hot gadget of a few years back, that commanded premium prices. Given enough time, new technology is given away at bargain basement prices. Sure, I’ve been called a few names because of this philosophy, but naysayers can’t deny the outstanding value I receive for my money.

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