Investing Ideas: May 2018

Yep, it’s time once again for my monthly “Investing Ideas” post!  In my continuing quest to find good places to invest excess cash, I’m searching for interesting stocks, funds, REITs, ETFs, bonds and preferred shares to potentially buy.

Week after week I’m hunting for good investment ideas.  In general, I try to find good returns by investing in businesses with a significant margin of safety, a growing stream of dividends, and good returns on capital…

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Would You Invest In A Dying Industry?

Last week I shared my April Investing Ideas, and the post primarily focused on fallen angels — once great companies that have “fallen” from grace.

As usual, my “ideas” posts always generate a bunch of comments.  Some people agree, and other people disagree, but I always like to read the feedback. This “fallen angel” theme generated some additional questions…

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Investing Ideas: April 2018

Need some investing ideas?  Then this is the post for you!  In this continuing series of posts, I share the investing ideas I’ve been researching each month.

The general consensus is that stock market is expensive right now, but I contend that if investors look in lesser known or “avoided” corners of the market there are still a few bargains to be found.

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