How Often Do You Check?

One common piece of personal finance advice I see written all over the internet, is to not look at the market (or your account balance).  “Just ignore what stocks are doing” they say.  “It’s all just noise.”  “Don’t look at the stock market and live a great life” write other personal finance blogs.

Depending upon how you look at it, this could either be sensible financial advice, or covering your eyes and hoping for the best…

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What’s On My Reading List?

Do you keep a summer reading list?  Bill Gates sure does.  Every spring he publishes his summer reading list for the world to see.  I usually take a look at it every year to see if there’s some books that interest me.

Like Gates, I’m a big believer in reading and continuous self education.  Whether you’re a billionaire or a mere millionaire, reading is one of the most important ways any human can learn and grow…

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The Lifecycle Of An Investment

How long do you hold investments for?  If it’s a bond, the maturity of that investment is typically determined when the bond is written.  With stocks, the answer to this question gets a bit fuzzier.  Stocks are investments without a predetermined end-date.

Warren Buffett is often quoted as saying his “favorite holding period is forever”.  That sounds great, but it’s probably unrealistic for most people.  Why?  No empire lasts forever…

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Can A Personal Finance Blog Teach You To Be Rich?

Everybody wants to be rich.  OK, maybe not everybody… but most people!  The process of actually becoming rich however, is another story.  It’s not easy.

I used to believe that anybody could achieve Financial Independence before a traditional retirement age.  If only they applied themselves.  Once reaching the fabled financial status, they could retire early, travel the world, get in shape, or donate their time to worthy causes.  I believed all of this could happen for anybody, just so long as they got exposure to the right information.

Maybe it was naive of me, but I thought anyone could do it.  Now, I’m not so certain.

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