A Lockdown Q&A With Mr. Tako

Hi folks!  Instead of my usual blog post where I decide the topic my choosing, this week’s post I thought I’d we mix things up a bit!  It’s time for the readers to take charge and let them ask questions!

That’s right, it’s Q & A time!  This week’s post is composed entirely of reader questions, and I’ll do my best to supply the answers!

Without further ado, lets get this Q & A started….

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How Much Does This Blog Make (2018)?

Side hustles are a great way for individuals to turn extra time into extra cash.  Sometimes these side hustles are serious business endeavors that earn significant money.  Other times they’re simply hobbies that begin to earn a little bit of cash on the side… almost by accident.

Blogging is one of those activities that can span the entire spectrum of ‘profitable side hustle’ to ‘hobby’…

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The $10 Million Dollar Question

Last week I was shaking my metaphorical fist at judgy relatives, and expressing my frustration about the consumerist culture here in the States.  It’s hard for people to believe that we actually choose frugality, rather than having it forced on us.  Despite our financial independence and growing portfolio we see little need to increase our spending.

Not everybody believes us though…

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Reader Questions: Precious Metals

Today we’re kicking off a new series here at Mr. Tako Escapes. — Reader Questions. That’s right, I’m starting a series of posts dedicated to answering the most interesting reader questions sent my way!

Our first reader question comes from reader ‘Meg’ (not her real name), who’s recently suffered some pretty steep investing losses, and wants some advice. Reader Meg writes…

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