July 2018 Travels, Dividend Income, And Expenses

Hi folks!  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here, but I haven’t abandoned the blog!  We’ve simply been on vacation for the past week and completely without internet access! 

Normally I like to travel to locations with internet access, but I’ve been completely unable to post anything for the past week. It was a real “unplugged” family vacation…

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Roasting Your Own Salsa – For Big Savings

It’s been several years since I first posted my roasted salsa recipe, but what’s worth doing once is worth doing again.  Especially when it saves money!

For the next five days I’m going to be completely offline — The Tako family is going camping in the mountains without access to the internet.  So, I won’t be posting to Mr. Tako Escapes on my regular schedule …

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Five Ways I’m Weirder And Richer Than Average

Everyone likes to think they’re normal.  We wake-up every single day and tell ourselves this little white lie of normality.

“I live a normal life.  I work a normal job.  I earn a normal income.   I live in a normal home and save a normal amount of money.  Life is pretty good”

Why do we tell ourselves this lie?  I think it’s because being normal is comfortable.  No one criticizes normal…

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