Japan Trip Report – Part 4 (Taketori Park)

Does a trip to the park sound boring when Japan has ancient temples and castles to explore?  Tourist attractions are great, but they can also be expensive and exhausting.

Frankly, after you’ve seen about a dozen temples they all start to look the same anyway.  Certainly not something a 2 year old and a 4 year old are going appreciate for a whole month.  Instead, we take the kids to the park!

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Japan Trip Report – Part 3 (Eating Affordably In Japan)

Is Japan an expensive place to eat?  It certainly can be!  Japan has a reputation for notoriously high prices, but in my experience it doesn’t have to be that way!  You can definitely eat affordably in Japan if you’re willing to try out a few new things.

Delicious food is abundant in the country, and it comes in all different price points…

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Japan Trip Report – Part 2 (Wakayama)

In Part 1 of our Japan Trip Report I showed where we’re staying for a big chunk of this month-long Japan adventure.  We aren’t just staying in one spot however — We’re taking lots of mini-trips to different parts of the country!

The first of these mini-trips was scheduled two days after we landed in Japan.  It was a 2-day trip to a small town in Wakayama Prefecture, called Katsuura.

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Japan Trip Report – Part 1

Hi folks!  The Tako family is currently traveling around Japan for the entire month of October.  We’re exploring the Land of the Rising Sun once again (it’s not our first trip to Japan), and I’ll be blogging about our travels for the entire month.  So keep watching for all the latest updates!

Without further ado, let’s get right down to the interesting stuff…

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Road Trip Report (Memorial Day Weekend 2017)

This post is about our family road trip during the holiday weekend. I haven’t actually posted any of our family adventures in a long time (sorry!), so it’s time I finally amended that!

For all you folks looking for posts about investing, stocks, and all things money … this is not one of those posts. Check-out my posts on investing if that’s what you’re looking for. I may have had several reasonably intelligent thoughts about investing…

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Finding The Good Life

The good life. It’s a phrase that gets tossed around a lot. We all want to have a “good life”, but have you ever really thought about what it takes to live “the good life”?

Is “the good life” about traveling to sun soaked locations in private jets, eating lobster, and sipping drinks by the beach? If your tastes tend toward the simpler, perhaps “the good life” is a simple homestead in Alaska…

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