The Happy Middle-Ground Of Financial Independence

If you’re reading this post, the odds are pretty good you’re looking to escape from the consumer rat-race, like I did.

Maybe at one point in life you really liked working. You were good at your job, but somewhere along the line things changed. The job ceased to be fun.

It probably happened somewhere between the endless commutes, office politics, and those ever-torturous “performance reviews”…

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My Financial Independence Failure

Here at Mr. Tako Escapes, we try to be realistic when talking about financial independence. No false/fake optimism here! Today we’re going to talk about failure. Specifically, the possibility that our financial independence plans could completely fail. What exactly would a failure like that look like? Is there anything we can do to mitigate such a failure? Do we want fries with that? So many questions to answer…

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The Holiday Aftermath: A Mixed Financial Bag

Happy New Year!  It’s been two weeks since I last posted anything on this blog! Wow!  Has it been that long already?

As usual around the holiday season, I take a break from blogging to spend time with my family.  It’s all about spending time with the wife and kids, and a whole lot less time spent thinking about money and finance! On that front, I think the holidays were a success..

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Raising Financially Independent Kids Is Serious Business

Raising kids isn’t easy under the best of conditions.  Most of the parents I know work a 50+ hour work week.  To deal with after school care, they enroll their kids in after-school programs, at considerable cost to themselves.  It’s a kind of “two steps forward and one step back” situation that makes raising kids and saving money difficult.

The average family I see, only gets to spend nights and weekends together…

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Snow Days And The Financially Independent…

If you happen to live in a climate that experiences the season called winter, “Snow Days” are a thing that happens.  Kids get the day-off from school (because the schools close), and parents have a reason to play hooky from work

“Sorry Boss, schools are closed!  I’ve got to stay home with the kids!”

That excuse might work with your Boss a couple days a year, but after a few Snow Days his (or her) patience begins to wear thin…

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