Things We Like!

Usually, when I see a blog pushing products I end up doubting their sincerity.  In many cases, bloggers are given products for free to use and evaluate.  This has never happened to Mr. Tako Escapes.

All the products we mention we use and pay for ourselves.  The reason we mention the products is because we believe them to be of exceptional quality!

From time to time, we may use affiliate links (see our disclaimer) to help pay for the blog.  Hope you don’t mind.

We are not compensated by the manufacturer of these products.  We put them up on this page because we personally love these products.  They help us to be frugal and save a ton of money.

Check out the products that we recommend below!

Shun Knives

We do a lot of cooking at home, so good knives are essential.  Nearly 10 years ago we purchased two Shun knives.  To this day we still use those same knives.

At 10 years old our Shun knives still look like new, and still cut like new too!  There’s no signs of wear!  The secret must be in the 32 layers of VG-10 high carbon steel and Japanese craftsmanship.  It must be fantastic stuff because I’ve never had a knife hold up this good.

I use the 8-inch chef knife nearly every single day!   A little expensive, but completely worth it!  I highly recommend the Classic 8-inch Chef Knife.

Shun 8-inch Chef Knife
My 10 year old Shun 8-incher. I really use this knife nearly every day.  It still looks like new.


Tired of shoes wearing out so quickly?  I know I was.  My feet would also get cold wearing traditional shoes.

The fantastic peeps at the Muck Boot Company solved this problem for me.  Mucksters ftw!  It’s the most durable shoe I’ve found that’s still comfortable to wear!

Typically they’re an expensive shoe, but I’ve found the cheapest way to get a pair of these outstanding shoes is via Amazon.  Yes, you can find them at other places, but always at a higher price.  I like Mucksters so much I even wrote a post about why Mucksters are great.

The National Presto Popcorn Popper

love my National Presto Popcorn Popper.  These popcorn poppers are tanks!  I’ve owned my popper for 21 years now.  Seriously, 21 years!  I purchased it in 1995.

Air Popping
Mr. Tako’s 21 year old air popper – earning its keep!

Owning a air popper makes popcorn in the easiest and cheapest way.  It’s a fantastic frugal snack!  We probably make 8 (or more) batches of popcorn a week, and it still runs like new after 21 years.  How could you not love something so durable?

Not to mention, it’s cheap!  Amazon has them for $21.

Do I need to say any more?  If you like popcorn, go get one now!


Amazon Prime Free Trial (30 days)

If you’re anything like me, you love free stuff.  What could be better than a free Amazon Prime trial?  Seriously, it’s really free!

We don’t buy new things frequently from Amazon, but we use the free Prime trial when we do.  We use it primarily for the free two day shipping.  Who wouldn’t want free two day shipping?

During the 30-day trial we also gorge ourselves on Movies, TV, Music, free Kindle books, and even Audio books!  They’re all included with the trial!

Free stuff doesn’t come along very often.  When it does, I say “take advantage of it”!  Amazon may not keep these free trials around forever, but while they do, sign up for the free trial.


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